im体育APP has decades of experience in providing a comprehensive range of 石油 和 Gas testing services enabling critical infrastructure to be tested, 检查, 和认证. We underst和 the complex challenges of searching for, 提取, 和 transporting oil 和 气体 reserves in a reliable, 非常高效。, 安全的方式.

Our 石油 和 Gas testing laboratories support our customers with a broad range of testing services for the 上游, 中游, 下游 markets to ensure the safety 和 integrity of production 和 storage infrastructure, 包括钻井平台, 悬链线立管, 管道, 管道系统, 炼油厂, 和坦克.


石油 和 Gas testing services 

We have profound experience in laboratory 和 field-based methods. Our testing services include; 


我们的石油 & Gas testing laboratories

im体育APP operates a global network of 石油 和 Gas testing laboratories which are located in 欧洲, 北美, 中东, 和亚洲. Most locations are focused on the requirements of their local 和 regional markets. Some laboratories offer specialized services including mechanical testing at cryogenic temperatures 和 determining the composition of natural 气体.



Everything im体育APP does is designed to deliver Certainty to its customers. We make certain that the materials 和 products we test, inspect 和 certify for our customers are compliant, safe 和 fit for purpose to maintain the reliability of their production, transportation 和 storage infrastructure.

For more information about our oil 和 气体 testing services, or to request a quote, im体育APP 今天.

Composite repair integrity using Structural Reliability Assessment (SRA)

Composite-wrapped repairs on offshore oil 和 气体 pipework are intended to be temporary. This case study explains how SRA helped to determine if the lives of these repairs could be safely extended.


Failure Analysis in the 石油 和 Gas Industry

This on-dem和 webinar provides real-life case studies 和 gives answers to questions, including what causes a component to fail? How do I conduct a failure investigation, 和 how can I prevent failure from occurring?


Whitepaper: Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) Tests Involving 氢 Sulfide

This white paper demonstrates that H2S is a more hostile 气体 than CO2 towards housed elastomeric seals subjected to repeated pressure cycling in RGD tests.


Learn more about our services

im体育APP provides a broad range of testing services 和 solutions for the global oil & 天然气工业.



Find out more about im体育APP's comprehensive ranges of materials testing services available in the TIC sector, covering materials selection, application 和 performance testing as well as failure analysis testing services.



Find out how im体育APP's fatigue testing labs help companies meet quality requirements 和 create safer, 更强的, more successful parts 和 products.

Failure Analysis for the oil & 天然气工业


im体育APP offers failure analysis services with lab-based 和 on-site investigation capabilities that support the global oil 和 天然气工业.

Fracture Mechanics 和 Toughness 测试 in Sour Environment (in-situ)

Fracture Mechanics Test in Sour Environment

im体育APP provides in-situ Fracture Mechanics 和 Toughness 测试 to improve pipeline designs 和 reduce the likelihood of failures.

Mechanical 测试 Services 640 x 480

结构测试 & 机械工程

im体育APP offers a range of advanced 和 application oriented engineering services to help solve a wide variety of mechanical engineering 和 structural engineering analysis problems.

Corrosion-测试 640x480

Corrosion 测试 Services 

Find out about im体育APPs extensive corrosion testing expertise in the 能源 industry across a global network of laboratories.



Find out about im体育APPs range of coatings testing services designed to help to make certain that materials, products 和 pipelines we test for our customers are protected from corrosion, 紫外线, 渗水, 热, 磨损和化学品.


Weld 测试 for the oil & 天然气im体育平台app下载

im体育APP offers weld testing services to simulate conditions for welds 和 offshore components 和 their behavior in the field, including increased temperatures, 更高的压力, 腐蚀条件下, 和 deepwater environments.


我们的团队超过9人,000 从事专家 in 北美, 欧洲, 中东地区, 澳大利亚, Asia 和 Africa are ready to help you.